“He almost kidnapped her”

  • Veronica Castro gradually withdrew from the media and her friends. You already know why.

Not much is known about recently Veronica Castro. His former friend Superfluous His withdrawal from the media and his friends is due to a Women.

This matter was discussed on a radio show All for women Precisely what Maxine Woodside said: “Mitzi says that Veronica Castro is alienated from her friends because of a girl she met and almost kidnapped her.”.

Mitchi deepened the matter by saying The woman allegedly took it to drive her away Even he could not see her: “I sent him messages. I love Veronica, I love her. That’s my friend. I am always grateful to him, but if he doesn’t like it, he respects himself,” he said.

She also said she doesn’t take it personally because she believes she’s acting this way because of the company she’s in: “I think it’s the people around her, it’s not so much her.”

I add: “She is surrounded by people who hurt her. Because his group of friends, all of his friends kicked us out of his side. They took us out of it and I think somebody was mishandling things. They are harassing her.”

Mitzi said she didn’t want to hear from Veronica Castro / Gina Sanchez / Instagram: @soiltraoy

Mitzi regrets this because she believes that her friend is in danger and that the people who love her and are important to her cannot be around.

Finally, reporter Marco Antonio Silva said that he knew the woman in question and that she had not only broken up with Veronica, but many others: “This is not uncommon. She was the longtime girlfriend of Veronica Castro, friendship. They divided Alfredo Palacios, they made life impossible for him,” he concluded.

Mitzi said a woman close to Veronica took her away from her friends / Instagram: @soiltraoy

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