How long do dogs remember their owners, according to science?

As the phrase is known, “man’s best friend” has always been pets, especially cats and dogs. dog. But the latter is distinguished by its great loyalty and obedience to its owners, to whom it gives all possible affection. However, Sciences And I decided to dog As a type he has memory Excellent ability to support long term owners.

The relationship between human and dog It was always one of the best moments, because it managed to mark us for life like other important moments. But no Sciences He was asked about this, about memory Of canines when it comes to remembering their owners. The following scientific study conducted by AniCura AB showed interesting results on this topic.

How can the memory Subordinate dog?

According to this study, dog They have an excellent ability to do this memory When it comes to remembering everything about their owners. to SciencesThe explanation for this is that dogs can divide their short-term memory and long-term memory. Both parts are different but related, because in the first it is transient, i.e. it lasts for a few seconds, while in the second memory It is relational in nature.

More details about running memory Subordinate dogthe memory In the short term, it refers to the actions they perform, for example when they commit malicious acts that involve harm, but when they see their owner they forget what they were doing to go and greet him. On the other hand, according to Sciencesthe memory Long term refers to the associative capacity of dog With sounds, actions or smells, that is, they can remember something depending on how they experience it.

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Source: Canva

To summarize this scientific study, I decided to: dog They have great memory Able to remember their owners, thanks to a complex mechanism. Short- and long-term memories affect your associative ability with objects, smells, and actions. across the SciencesIt is possible to confirm that the memory that canines take away from us will depend on the treatment we give them, especially when there is affection and love in the home.

Source: Canva

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