Danna Paola reacts to a possible penalty for changing the national anthem

Danna Paola / Mexico Agency

Danna Paola is in the public eye after it emerged that she could be fined more than 1 million pesos for singing the Mexican national anthem before the fight between Jermel Charlo and Canelo Alvarez.

Although the singer received high praise for her performance, in recent days the applause has been inundated with criticism due to the way she sang the song, as according to musician Ivan Cano Capetillo, the Mexican national anthem should be sung. In C major, however, Danna Paola made it G sharp, and for this reason she may get some concessions, as she explained on her TikTok account.

Faced with this situation, Tanna met the press who were waiting for her at the Mexico City airport and, at first, said that she was excited about the opportunity to sing the revered national anthem.

“With a lot of pride, a lot of nerves, it’s something that’s very important to me, I’ve rejected it for years because of fear, well, what I said in my Instagram post, I think the moral of it in the end. Life is about facing your fears and with preparedness, love, and most of all love, I believe our anthem as artists will ultimately be like the panic that is upon us, a country waiting to see where you are. Wrong and ultimately my “I think my heart got the better of me, love led the way this time,” he explained.

Immediately, Danna confronted the rumors about the financial sanction she might receive, and said that she no longer has any such problems.

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“I already read it, but they didn’t fine me, but I still don’t regret anything, I think in the end it’s always looking for mistakes, right? I think I sang it very well, with great pride. , with love. By explaining everything that the lyrics of the hymn say, my The interpretation came, it’s beautiful, obviously the composition, the semitones, I did everything well, it makes me very proud, and if you want to find errors there, whatever, let them fine me,” he declared.

Finally, Danna Paola revealed that she is currently leaving the land of her birth to pursue new opportunities in the Land of the Stars and Stripes.

“Yes, for now, yes, there are many things going on around my career, there are many opportunities, obviously I’m here in Mexico, I have my house in Mexico, I have my family, but the time has come to move and move on. In many places, “I have a great opportunity in America. ,” he said.

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