How did Amazon start in 1994 when Bezos started selling online

The company founded by Jeff Bezos has gone from offering only books to being a company that delivers all kinds of articles online. (Reuters / Carlos Jasso)

Before becoming the multinational company known all over the world and providing package delivery services and purchasing products on its website, Amazon started in 1994 As a company responsible for selling only books Connected. His first website Ninety-five, ninety-fiveAnd It even advertises itself as the “world’s largest bookstore”.

Because in those early years, not only was the company taking off, but it was Sites Design It was very basic and you could just post text and some pictures and create links and website for Amazon It was simple and provided hardly a million titles distributed in 20 categories Different. To find offers, users had to search for the text that described them because they weren’t featured either.

Amazon’s first website in 1995 (Web Design Museum)

Unlike its current version, which allows notifications to be sent to mobile phones every time a discount is created that may be of interest to the buyer, initially this service was done by e-mail. The phrase he used was “please come often” Amazon So that users keep coming back to web page Find lower prices for books.

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It wasn’t even 1999 Amazon will launch a new version of its website where for the first time you can see an idea of ​​what its current logo will be instead of the A-shaped image in its previous version. In this case, the design is closer to modernism with more room for images, but with a large predominance of text as a means of communication.

Amazon 1999 (Web Design Museum)

It was in this year that Amazon She began to diversify the products she offers in her online store because in addition to books, you can find electronic devices or accessories for computers, video games and games, and sell movies in the format. vhs and a section dedicated to item auctions for customers interested in getting better prices.

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The space and different pages of the site are organized differently Eyelashes A search engine has also been included with which to find the exact products that were being searched for at that moment.

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to 2006the cell phone They were the best-selling item, so Amazon ranked them at the top of their list. web pagefollowed by books, and deals on artifacts electronic For the first time, product images were given more importance than the text that accompanied them. 2006. (Web Design Museum)

This version of the website removed the tabs that were present in previous versions and started ordering products within categories To make it easier for visitors to view it.

In 2016 Amazon has reinvented itself and you are already offering a much more styled version web page Which is similar to the current one not only for colors, but also for managing the items at the bottom of the screen, although the number of items in this year products Which could be seen in the first place were very few.

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By this time, tabs were already being used as ways of dividing up entire web page space rather than as a tool for distributing the content of pages. products. In addition, this version gave the search engine a higher priority because it placed it at the top instead of the corner of the screen.

Amazon site in 2016. (Web Design Museum)

Currently, Amazon has expanded the number of products it offers and is a company with a higher value than 1.380 million of dollars. Jeff BezosFor his part, he is one of the richest men in the world with more than one fortune 157.300 million of dollars.

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