Hope for Moldovan patients. Iasi will perform a kidney transplant with the highest standards

Hospital Clínico „Dr. CI Parhon ”from Iaşi put into operation a completely new operating room, manufactured and equipped according to European standards, consisting of four operating rooms: two for endoscopic interventions and two for kidney transplantation operations and surgery.

The new operating room has a modern air conditioning installation, preoperative and postoperative spaces for patients, spaces for the preparation of medical instruments and access is achieved through specific and automated filters, specially designed for the medical sector.

“The space is completely new, it is not just an improvement or modernization of the old operating room, it is a space in which the four rooms were built from scratch.

Being newly created, we were able to compartmentalize it from a circuit and patient safety perspective. In addition to the four rooms, there are three preoperative evaluation spaces and two postoperative spaces.

In addition, the sterilization part is designed in such a way that there are no intersections of circuits, it is dedicated only to the operating room ”, said Dr. Ionuţ Nistor, associate professor, nephrologist and spokesperson of the“ Dr. CI Parhon ”Clinical Hospital.

The investment has a value of 10,837,681.98 lei, the funds being provided by the City Council of Iaşi. Of the total amount, approximately 5.6 million lei represented the investment in the operating room, and by the end of this year, from the same allocation of funds, the Anesthesia and Intensive Care Unit will be completely renovated, and the Renal Transplant Department will be to use in the first days of February.

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“The three medical structures represent the heart of the hospital, it is important that they are well organized and equipped. Due to the way it is built and located, the new operating room is a space that ensures additional security from an epidemiological point of view, improves working conditions of medical personnel, increases the safety of the surgical and medical act, as well as the satisfaction of the patients, declared Ecc. Bogdan Cojocaru, director of the medical unit.

During the works, the medical activity continued without interruption, being possible because the new operating room is located in another building. The first surgeries in urological pathology have already been performed, and doctors say that the differences between the new operating room and the old one are very great. In the old operating room, the last major investments were made in 2005.

“At the beginning of this year we began to operate in the new operating room, it was like a Christmas present, we are very happy, especially because it is made with the latest standards. Improvements have been made to the other operating block, but now everything has been built to 2020 standards, meeting all necessary rigors. This vacation period allowed the transfer of fluids between the two spaces, the surgical activity was not interrupted, I worked continuously. We hope that in the new year we will be able to operate more ”, explained Dr. Adelina Miron, primary urologist and coordinator of the Operating Room.

The new operating room has a great impact on patients throughout the Moldavian region, given that last year 40 interventions were performed in the transplant center, the best figure in the last 20 years, and waiting lists. they are full of patients awaiting transplants from living donors or those who lose their lives, but can save other lives through postmortem donation.

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In new operating rooms, two living donor procedures or four transplant procedures can be performed at the same time.

The first scheduled intervention will take place next week, when a young woman receives a kidney from her mother.

Rehabilitation works for the hospital’s Department of Anesthesia and Intensive Care are scheduled to begin in February.

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