Donald Trump seeks regime change. His biggest pain is that Putin and Xi Jinping are alive

Christian Tudor admits to Bobes that he wonders how many Donald Trump supporters there are in Romania, and that the current US president is currently trying nothing more than conspiracy and has done great damage to the image of the United States. Trump wants to stay in power for the rest of his life, following the example of the leaders of Russia and China, or defending at least one dynasty, as in North Korea. That’s why it’s hard for him to accept defeat now because he feels humbled, “a poor boy”, in front of these leaders, the CDP explained, on Friday evening, at DG24.

Christian Tudor told Bobes: “I have trumpets in this country that I never thought possible, I found trumpets on the web, I see them coming, they are like orcs. Lord of the Rings, Rushes to meetings.

Who can sympathize with this character, never have any contact with me, I will never be in a room with that man for more than 5 seconds, until I realize who I am dealing with and leave. I have nothing to do with him, to be healthy, freedom of expression! I did not say I shot the trumpet, the trumpet will do this to me, but no, I leave the room, he can stay.

Donald Trump runs and tries to be called Rebellion, Plot after manual! He is currently being replaced by Secretary of Defense Mark Esper for a related reason.

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On December 89, protesters demanded that the army take to the streets to intervene. Legend has it – the evidence is very confusing – General Millia told him: Comrade Secretary-General, I searched everywhere in military regulations, nowhere was it written that the army should fight with the people, attack the people on the street – from where-he would have been shot. Trump asked Mark Esper when the demonstrations began after a black policeman had killed that black American, who asked him to take the army out, and Esper said the same thing: Mr. President, with all due respect, the military is not called to fight American citizens, the military is fighting enemies from the outside. Now he kicked him and kicked the others from there. He throws out everywhere, and no one, this time, who is not one hundred percent with him, prays for him.

He is a Republican TV, Fox News! Why? Because those people did their job right and gave a mathematical result related to the state of Arizona, which has now been confirmed and re-confirmed – and they gave it to CNN! Anyone who opposes Trump must be disbanded, taken out of there, and finished! If he could shut down all American media, he would do so without blinking an eye.

Do you know what his biggest pain is now? It’s not even Joseph Biden. His biggest pain is Putin and Xi Jinping, because he is much humbler than them, a poor boy. Do you know why? Because they are for life! They took care to solve their problem and Putin and Xi Jinping are alive! When Xi Jinping self-established under the leadership of China, Donald Trump shouted, “Great idea!”

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Trump must obey – you understand how bad it is to know he should be elected at the age of four: I, should I be elected ?! What does he want now, if he succeeds in this conspiracy he is now trying to do, do you think he will do it for four years? When you take risks like this, when you attack hundreds of years old American democracy, when America is exposed in this horrible way internationally – irresponsible is a chalky smell, I don’t know what else to say, it’s a little traitor, that’s all – you’re fighting like Trump, Do you think he will do it to be only four years old, playing America this way without any hesitation? No, he does it for the rest of his life and for the children of America to follow – Donald Trump Jr. And Eric, well-trained. I do not know if you saw them emerging in the landscape, they are screaming on all screens: cheating, cheating, they stole my father! As in North Korea, to his friend: Kim Ir Sen, Kim Jong-il, Kim Jong-un. That’s what Donald Trump wants, he didn’t mess up for four years!

Let me tell you what he wants, look at his behavior!

However, there are some companies, there is justice in the United States, which sent him with frauds, Republicans are starting to wake up, to get out of that fear, he is scared, but things are not over, he will do it this time it will do more damage – until the next president is appointed, as usual – it It will do great damage to the United States without any hesitation. ”

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