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The Honduras national team and the seven member associations participating in the 2020 Confederations Cup Olympic qualifiers have submitted their preliminary list (up to 50 athletes) of which they must clean up before the competition.

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Preliminary lists are selected and submitted by each group and are published. In order to qualify to play in the 2020 Confederations Men’s Olympic Qualifiers, all athletes must be subject to and meet the criteria specified in the applicable FIFA Player Qualification Rules.

Honduran Salary presents several names of active footballers abroad:

Danilo Acosta (Orlando)
Joshua Canales (Guerrero, Mexico)
Enrique Fosse (RGV Toros USA)
Jorge Flores (Union Vieira, Spain)
Denil Maldonado (Everton, Chile)
Douglas Martinez (Real Salt Lake, MLS)
Juan Carlos O’Brien (RGV Torros, USA)
Ricoberto Rivas (Regina, Italy)
Joseph Rosales (Independent CAI, Panama).

Active footballers in the National League:

George Alvarez (Olympia)
Carlos Arguetta (life)
Kerwin Ariaga (Marathon)
lce Parahona (Platinum)
Roble Bernardes (Motagua),
Christian Celix (marathon),
Jose Canolas (Real Sociedad)
Brian Castillo (Honduras Progresso)
Jordi Castro (UPNFM)
Gerson Chavez (Real Spain)
Christian Saxa (Honduras Progresso)
Wesley Texas (Motagua)
Samuel Elvir (UPNFM)
Rembrandt Flores (UPNFM)
Jose Garcia (Olympia)
Axel Gomez (UPNFM)
Roman Gonzalez (Savio Game)
Alex Kaiti (Olympics)
Carlos Magia (Atletico Soloma)
Jason Majia (Real Spain)
Carlos Melandes (life)
Louis Melandes (life)
Christopher Melandes (Motagua)
Jonathan Nice (Motagua)
Elvin Casildo (Olympia)
Louis Artis (Marathon)
Louis Palma (life)
Kilmar Pen (UPNFM)
Michael Perelle (Real Espana)
Carlos Pineta (Olympia)
Jose Pinto (Olympia)
Wisdom Que (Real Espana)
Brian Ramos (Real Spain)
Jose Reyes (Real Spain)
Ellison Rivas (Real Spain)
Byron Rodriguez (Platteness)
Edwin Rodriguez (Olympia)
Louis Vega (Marathon)
Dorixon Vulta (Real Spain)

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Preliminary list of Honduras national team

10 days before the start of the tournament, member associations must confirm their final list of 20 players (at this point, the provisional list will also be final).

Once the final lists are submitted, changes will only be allowed if the force is large or injured. Any changes must be made within 24 hours of each team’s first game. Also, alternatives should come from the final draft lists. Such alternatives must be approved by FIFA and Concoff.

The 15th edition of the Concoff Men’s Olympic Qualifiers will take place from 18 to 30 March 2021 in Guadalajara, Mexico. The group stage will be held from March 18 to 25 at the Jalisco and Akron Grounds.

Pre-Olympics team calendar

Thursday, March 18 – Jalisco Stadium
17: 00/15: 00 United States vs Costa Rica
19: 30/17: 30 Mexico vs Dominican Republic

Friday, March 19 – Jalisco Stadium
15: 30/13: 30 Honduras vs Haiti
18: 00/16: 00 Canada vs El Salvador

Sunday, March 21 – Akron Stadium
19: 00/17: 00 Dominican Republic vs USA
21: 30/19: 30 Costa Rica vs Mexico

Monday, March 22 – Akron Stadium
18: 00/16: 00 Haiti vs Canada
20: 30/18: 30 El Salvador vs Honduras

Wednesday, March 24 – Jalisco Stadium
19: 00/17: 00 Costa Rica vs Dominican Republic
21: 30/19: 30 Mexico vs USA

Thursday, March 25 – Jalisco Stadium
19: 00/17: 00 El Salvador Vs Haiti
21: 30/19: 30 Honduras vs Canada

Sunday, March 28 – Jalisco Stadium
18: 00/16: 00 1 B vs 2 A
21: 00/19: 00 1A vs 2B

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Tuesday March 30 – Akron Ground
21: 00/19: 00 Winner Semi-Final 1 vs Winner Semi-Final 2

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