Hippalito is in favor of changes to the PRM laws that allow Abinader to be reinstated, which is rejected in 2024.

The former president of the Republic, Hippolyto Majia, was in favor of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) changing its internal laws, making Louis Abinader the second consecutive head of state.

“Why you should be out of the constitution, we’re all talking about the constitution … you can not make laws outside of what the national reality is … it wants to be aseptic where you are true” PRM leader Juan Cadena was interviewed by the ruling party’s executive leadership Member said.

The former president insisted on waiting two years as requested by President Louis Abinader without touching on the issue of presidential re-election.

Mejia added that if elections were held “now”, Louis Abinader would win the “60 to 10” election, but that this would be a decision that Lewis would make “at the right time.”

Section 101 of the ruling party’s laws establishes that “until the modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) convenes a conference to discuss the issue of presidential re-election, it will be banned.”

In April, Eddie Olivares, who serves as chairman of the party’s legal reform commission, reported that in the coming months they would present to the ruling party’s highest body, which plans to revise 137 articles of its internal laws. Presidential denial title.


During the interview, Mejia turned down any opportunity to run again for the presidency of the country, saying, “Even if people ask him,” he is already 80 years old.

“I’m going on a trip to Gurabo, I’m going to put myself in salt water … I’m quiet, I’m on my hands, in my plans, in the next few days we will open one in Zaragoza … I’m quiet,” Mejia said.

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“We are examining Louis’ cabinet.”

“Some are the best, some are the good, some are the bad and some are the bad … without going into details,” former President Louis Abinader said when asked about the performance of the elected cabinet.

Mejia revealed that since the fourth month of his government he has been evaluating the performance of various ministers and state officials.

“We analyze them … with your ear, mine with numbers … I never miss numbers, when I say, you have to trust me … without curiosity, without rhetoric, without lies because it fools you,” Mejia said.

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