Hector Vargas lashes out at the referee after Real Espana’s defeat against Victoria on the opening day of the Clausura


Hector VargasCoach successReal Spain went all out against the referee after their team’s resounding 4-0 win on the opening day. Final match 2023.

“Leon de Formosa” did not lower his post-match evaluations at the Morazan Stadium, in which he asked referee Armando Castro.

“The team stood up well, they tried to go there, they had some chances to score, they didn’t have the strength, but some situations directly drew my attention,” he answered at a press conference.

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Vargas also mentioned controversial plays like Getzel Montes’ foul on Alexi Vega in the first minutes of the game. Additionally, he was dissatisfied with Jefferson Escobar’s jury trial.

“Armando Castro was the fourth referee and he did not come. Another coincidence was that the manager went to half-time to see the referee and they beat us four in the second half. Getzel Montes commits a foul on Alexi Vega, the referee doesn’t charge anything, the second goal is offside, it’s the referee’s unfortunate actions that get us into trouble. “If they went to see the referee at half-time, I wish they would have done it when I was there, but I wasn’t that lucky,” said the “La Jaypa” coach.

On the other hand, he mentioned what he liked about Victoria. The ceibeños led 0-0 in the first half, but the strength of the opponent did not last in the second half.

“I liked the theme of the game, we tried, we searched, we had the chance to be strong with the options we had, but there’s always a little bit left for the referee to whistle you evenly. If he is rebuked and has a fault for expulsion, you know to expel him. “The second goal was offside, they always complain about the referee, but there are specific plays,” he said.

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He added: “It’s not decisive either, it’s just starting, so we have a long way to go and we’ll see if we can salvage the points at stake.”

Finally, he defended himself in the press conference, noting that Victoria had a big fight in the final 4-0.

“If you count how many horse shots we hit in the second half, did you count in the first half? “We played a good game and we were in danger of tying it,” he declared.

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