Security cameras deny Brazil’s version of mediotaimbo

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The complicated situation he is going through Daniel AlvesA person behind bars after being charged Remand without bailzA After being charged Sexual abuse Barcelona, ​​Spain, continues to add Additional information What happened on the night of December 30?

What happened to the Dani Alves video?

According to media reports ‘Newspaper’The Nightclub security cameras “around the corner” Former football player of cougarsBecause the records show it He was in the bathroom of the place for 15 minutes with the complainant.

Posts “disagree with that story, and, Show it Alves and the victim They stayed in that bathroom for about a quarter of an hourAlves was forced to give another version before Magistrate No. 15 of Barcelona with a time interval that does not match what was reported in the video, for which he confirms that “the images and the witnesses do not correspond to any of the versions”. Football player gave”.

Three versions given by the Brazilian player

As far as what happened is known, the Brazilian gave Three different versions of his declaration There is no house in front of the court and with evidence Mossos d’Esquadra.

The Brazilian player promised that first I don’t know that girl His accuser, later commented Yes I saw her but nothing happened Finally emphasized “She just jumped on him.”Spanish media highlights brand.

Now a former player Cougars He is hopeful that the judicial proceedings against him will progress in the next few days after he confessed as a prisoner last Friday and was immediately taken to jail for the complaint against him.

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