MLP in Mexico Yucatan is negotiating matches with the new baseball field

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In the first quarter of 2022, construction Yukatan Fixed Stadium, Would be a property investment 2 thousand 400 million pesos, And is on the list of its many purposes, Bring in start-up games every year Of teams Big leagues.

César Esparza, partner of Juegos de Pelota Inc, the project’s leading promoter, pointed out that this is one of the biggest challenges of the project. Make MLB beginner games a tradition in Mexico, Attracting games of teams affected by cold weather at the start of the season.

“Theme Major league baseball is interesting Because MLP has two conditions, they allow the purpose of bringing the games to the fixed ground in Yucatan. For one, it has a season of 81 games at home, which means they have game inventory that leads to other locations, ”he said in an interview with Mediodimbo.

Another advantage of Yucatan is the climate, Is one of the most favorable factors for bringing parties. The MLB season begins in late March and early April, and the first few weeks in the north-central United States are the coldest of those opening games, with Minnesota, Detroit, and vacant grounds at the start of the season. “.

That even commented Talks and discussions have already taken place with MLB To put forward this proposal, he said it would be linked to the tourism offer of the Yucatan and the southeastern region of the country, which is one of the options of international tourists.

We are in discussions with both the MLP and the teams And for them, the first three or six games, for example, Take them to a beautiful place, instead of Detroit playing on their empty field Already a spectacular ground. This is a vision that is understandable to major leagues, teams, and us. The idea is to bring it up year after year and make it a tradition. Let the Major League Baseball season start in Mexico, start in Yucatan and start in Merida”, He explained.

A multifunctional property

Speaking about the stadium’s investment and economic sustainability, Esporza said the idea was that it would be an unused building only every weekend. For that The property will have a hotel with 300 rooms160 of them are out of sight of the field in addition to the office area and another for exhibitions.

“To be economically sustainable, it can not be the building we know of, it is used 80 hours a year. The future stadium will be a building used every day, with continuous services to generate its own income. The estimated investment is about 2,400 million pesosHe added.

He added that since the sports infrastructure is related to the accommodation tax, another advantage of the stadium will be reflected in the company’s taxes, which will positively affect the company with better government services.

“Sports halls Tourism infrastructure, levied tax on sports infrastructure. For example, a new stadium was opened for the NFL in Las Vegas, and the stadium is expected to have an impact on the tourism tax that will create a favorable environment for tourism and the city. A ground would be a favorable driver for the lines Services, schools, security, etc. can be transformed, ”he said.

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