Hector Soberon sells solar panels to deal with the economic crisis

Hector Soberon Epidemic declared that he was not a good partner in his funds because, to move forward with the expenses, he started a business. Sale of solar panels.

In an interview with ‘T Primer Mano’, 56-year-old actor He assured that he was proactive in dealing with the crisis and did not go beyond his hands He needs to support his family.

In addition the translator pointed out He has dedicated himself to learning new things, Related to his career as an electrical engineer.

“I don’t stay beyond my arms, I’m from one side to the other, Looking for work, Studying things from my own life as an electronics engineer. I sell solar panels hereTo install, I need to read to get a certificate. We are rediscovering ourselves in many things“, he said.

Hector Soberon He mentions that when some celebrities are ashamed to go out to find new income, he puts pride aside.: “The thing is, a lot of people don’t want to put their ego aside and accept it. You have to do things in times of crisis and What is needed to progress. ”

“I have a family They taught me to be a house giver, Even if I had to sell tamales, I was going to do it, but on the contrary, I would not let it fall. “, Actor detail.

Actor He refused to sell his belongings to progress, Because he said he no longer had possessions in Mexico since he moved to the United States.

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“I live day in and day out like everyone else. I think The most important thing is that we have health Being healthy means you have everything. You are not tied to anything. I always tried to be the protagonist in my own movie, don’t let me downr “, concluded Hector Soberon.

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