This is Alicia Keys' reaction to her husband Usher and the singer's hug

During the performance of the song “My Boo” there was a moment when the singer wrapped his arms around the New Yorker and made provocative movements.

program half time It contains Super bowIt was full of memorable, but questionable moments during the presentation Be carefulAccompanying Alicia KeysHe was the eye of criticism not only for his presentation, but also for the singer's controversial attitude towards the 43-year-old artist.

“People say he should apologize for Usher's halftime performance with Alicia Keys Swiss peas “It's ridiculous how close their dance was,” was one of the comments circulating on social media regarding the caption.

The moment happened performance From the song “N Flower” as the singer wrapped his arms around the New Yorker and made provocative gestures.

After the break, many wondered what Alicia's husband's reaction would be, with the producer and DJ admitting that he wasn't offended at any point during the presentation, and laughing and paying attention to the criticism from various media outlets. He admired the red dress his wife wore during the grand event in Las Vegas.

“Everyone's talking about the wrong thing! You all didn't see that incredible costume, covering the entire arena! Tonight's performance was incredible with two incredible giants!” He wrote on his Instagram profile.

Swizz continued to praise the celebs: “Congratulations @usher and my love @aliciakeys that song is a classic. We're not making negative vibes, we're making history,” he added. No, he said he was jealous of what had happened. Likewise, she has been married to Keyes since 2010.

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Additionally, it was recently reported that Usher married his longtime girlfriend, Jennifer Goicocchia, on the same day of the show.


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