Louis Miguel is driving his fans crazy with a mysterious video, Will “El Soul” return in 2022?

Louis Miguel One of Mexico’s best singers, the songs reached a new generation through his career NetflixAs fans promised that it would be a sign that he would resume his career in 2022, a mysterious video shared on their social networks prompted him to return with new things.

Appearances of “El Sol” are rarely seen on social media and in public places, so he took this weekend as a sign of his fans the possibility of his return after a difficult moment in his personal and professional life.

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On their social networks, a video was shared with the legend “2022 …”, which was accompanied by a ballad and the comments were immediate, with most users expressing their emotions and asking the singer for new music to surprise them this year.

No details have been reported yet Projects of Louis Miguel For the rest of his life, his last album was “Mexico Battle Symbre”, which he released in 2017. Composer Carlos Macias In an interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante “El Sol” will be working on new songs for a while.

What will happen to Louis Miguel?

Louis Miguel: Series“Not only did he reveal the details of the singer’s difficult childhood and his life in music at the request of his father, Lucio Ray, He continued to free himself and gradually drifted away from him Family.

The last chapters Netflix series Louis Miguel showed the crisis he went through amid lawsuits and breach of contract. Lose all your luck, Which would have been a product that would have revived his career and brought him back to the general public.

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According to businessman Carlos Bremer, the translator of “Hasta Q Merco” was obtained. More than $ 5 million Just as income First season Of the series, which would have allowed him to progress amidst huge debts.

Louis Miguel was able to elevate his popularity on new platforms because he achieved a record in the midst of turmoil on Netflix. Registration More than 5 billion views Spotify.

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