Health personnel protest for more space for Metropolitano hospital – Los Andes

A lot of. A group of workers from the Puno Metropolitan Health Micro-network protested demanding more space for different areas with which they have, since they would practically be working overcrowded.

The demonstration began in their small rooms, then they made a sit-in outside the Diresa and then they mobilized to the Government and Regional Council, where they also held sit-ins.

Health workers ask that the environments occupied by the Manuel Núñez Butrón Initial Educational Institution be transferred to them, since currently, even they occupy small wooden modules that are not the most suitable to serve the population.

According to nurse Beatriz Flores, they are more than 70 workers nursing, general medicine, psychology, dentistry, prenatal care, obstetrics, laboratory, environmental health, care of patients with HIV, among others, that require better environments.


Flores affirms that this request has been made for many years to the Diresa, the Regional Government and the Regional Directorate of Education of Puno (DREP); however, to date they remain indifferent to the case.

The current situation is more pressing because of the context of the covid-19 pandemic, for this reason they were forced to take to the streets to reiterate their demands. They claim that it is a first-rate care center that has never stopped during the health emergency.

The nurse mentioned that the Manuel Núñez Butrón hospital would have a ground assigned in another sector, so it cor corresponds to the Metropolitan health microgrid that the environments of said educational establishment are reversed.

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