Galileo Montijo escapes from Mexico; Gomez is afraid to investigate the Mont case, they say

Absent in recent days Galileo Montejo At Plan today This has worried the driver’s followers because it has been mentioned that she is not in good health, even the journalist Alex Coffee It was revealed that Guadalajara had The pressure increases They had not let her present since morning.

This will be the official version that is not available Galilee On Today However, it has already been mentioned that the driver can negotiate with his employers, not a special permit for the rest 2021 Reasons? We tell you everything you know from what you read here.

Galilee Hi and leaving the country?

Several media outlets promised that the driver from Guadalajara would fake her illness and that the authorities were really diverting attention to prevent her from being seen, so as not to inquire into being a best friend. Inus Comas Mont, It should be noted that the above is alleged to be money laundering.

According to YouTube Daniel Kuiros, Confirms that Galileo Montejo You are applying for special permission to go abroad for special study, but this may be false.

Photo: Instagram Galilea Montejo.
The driver can go abroad for special study.

Did Galilee register your name with the IMPI?

It should be noted that Galilee It can be investigated after learning that the driver received an expensive gift worth more than 4 million pesos from his commuter. Ines Gomez Mont, They say they would have known Guadalajara Allegedly illegal activities From Former driver From Window.

That’s according to YouTube Dale Quiros, Galilea Montijo Such as Ines Gomez Mont He would have registered his name with him MAID, Interpol to provide the same services that the woman wants, according to its owner Arkunde TV Tabatia disease is only a scam.

Galileo Montijo has registered his name with the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property, with the desire to provide and provide services such as that of his friend, comrade, sister and partner Ines Gomez Mont, so we already understand where the stranger’s disease is. Former dancer, what can I tell you, my dear friend, Galileo Montezo’s illness is a bad joke, it’s just being told, ”Dale Guerrero said on his Arkinde TV channel.

Watch the video of Dale Guerrero from 11:58 p.m.


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Inés Gómez Mont registered his name as a brand to provide these services

Galileo Montijo, does he fake his disease ?; They promise he has serious problems but no health

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