He lived in the shadow of two brothers until success came with “Don Ramone”.

Mexico City, September 2 (El Universal).- Ramon Valdez He lived in the shadow of his two brothers: German Valdez “Tin Dan” and Manuel “El Loco” Valdez. Both were stars in different periods: “Tin Don” as “El Pachuco” in the golden age of Mexican cinema, “El Loco” in the sixties and seventies, but the star also fell to “Monzo” as his brothers. called him.

Ramon Esteban Gomez Valdez y Castillo Born on September 2, 1923 in Mexico City. The son of Rafael Gómez Valdés Angelini and Guadalupe Castillo, Ramón had a difficult childhood as one of nine children, but upon entering the world of art, his life changed.

German was the first to knock on the doors of the show, he did not hesitate to take his brothers to the big screen, and there are many tapes in vain. Ramon Valdez played supporting roles, most of whom were the protagonist of “Tin Dan”.

“The King of the Neighborhood”, “Tender Pumpkins”, “The Mark of the Skunk”, “Sinbad the Dizzy”, “The Unruly”, “Sleeping Beauty”, “The Tramp” and “The Follies of Tin Don” Moncho” was a small part of some films, although he also starred in “El Inocento”, “La Vida No Vel Nada” and “El Campion del Barrio”.

Success came a bit late in Ramon Valdez’s career. In 1968, Roberto Gomez Bolaños named him “Sespirito”. To join his new project “Los Supergenios de la Mesa Quadrada” along with Ruben Aguirre and María Antoniata de los Nieves.

When “El Sao del Ocho” was born, it was clear that Ramon would have a role in the cast, and so was born “Don Ramon”, the unemployed and lazy father of “La Cilindrina”, raising his daughter alone. And always have to pay rent.

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The role of “Don Ramon” was much loved by the public and not to mention the actors, because he established a great friendship with Maria de los Angeles Fernandez, who gave life to “Cespirito” and “Dona Clotilde”.

The seventies were a golden age for Ramon Valdez A program she was part of for many years until Carlos Villagrán left in the late 1970s, following him in circuses and television in the 1980s. together to Villagran.

Despite playing other roles, “Don Ramon” became the best character in his storied career and lived through his last years. Died on August 9, 1988 at the age of 63 Because of his prostate cancer.

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