Mauricio Ochmann and Paulina Barrola say goodbye to the year with romantic beach vacations

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Mauricio Ochman and Paulina Barrola They are one of the most beloved couple In the middle of the 2021 show, After confirming their relationship in the first half of the year.

After a few months Demonstrate through social networks Their love is so intense and on many occasions they express their affection until they put up with it Christmas tree Together, they decided to end the year on the beach.

It’s over Various posts on Instagram, Showed so much in it Mauricio Ochman as Paulina Barrola, Their love journey with some photos and videos, in which they fall in love so much.

Mauricio Ochman and Paulina Barrola.

Mauricio Ochmann and Paulina Barrola enjoy going to the beach

Not only were they videos together, Paulina Barrola It showed how much she loves him Catch the actor in a short video In it he blinked and wrote: “I like you”.

Mauricio Ochman and Paulina Barrola.
Mauricio Ochman and Paulina Barrola.

When Aislyn Derbes Shared good coexistence between Her boyfriend is Jonathan Coupon And his brothers, Jose Eduardo and Vader In the family with Little Kylani, Mauricio Ochman Enjoy the beach in the company of his girlfriend, Paulina Barrola.

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