Hamad bin Rashed – The UAE’s Golden boy

Over the recent years, the UAE has been marking their place in the map, thanks to taking lead in multiple fields such as tourism, technology and more. One might wonder, would those mind-blowing achievements be possible without the impeccable management coming from their leaders and the power of their talented youth?

The answer is absolutely no, UAE had proved time and again to be the house of tremendous talents. Focusing on the talented youth, there is a name that came to prominence, that is leading entrepreneurship, photography and sport. This name is Hamad bin Rashed. The young man has travelled the world to over a whooping 53 different countries, and currently making waves on social media with his viral posts that is spreading like wildfires on Snapchat with millions of views and impression.

The young business man philanthropic nature did not allow him to enjoy his wealth alone, coming from owning 12+ private companies but rather decided to  distribute it globally to be supporting more than 1000+ families , as he believes in giving back not only to his community, but for the whole world.

Making the UAE proud not only from his achievements but also his selfless acts of kindness and uninhibited drive to help people.

Mr. Bin Rashed, owes his success not only to his family, friends and country. But also travelling

When I travel whether it is for business or leisure, I get most of my inspiration and drive to take things to the next level

No doubt that this young man has successfully managed to revolutionize multiple sectors, with his brilliant ideas. Owning a factory in china that produces several clothing lines, is not something to be underestimated but something to be admired given his emergence from the middle east.

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His talent and passion for photography coupled with his entrepreneurial mind has led him to create a production company that contributed to the production of, notable projects for one of the biggest TV channels in the Middle east such as MBC.

Mr bin Rashid had demonstrated that the sky is the limit for what someone can achieve with determination and persistence, with his young age and ambition there is absolutely nothing that seems out of reach for this talented man of the UAE. He is a name to look out for now and in the future and, we wish him the best of luck and abundant success.

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