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The Los Angeles Galaxy Recovered one more point this season M.L.S., By drawing locally with 1-1 Houston Dynamo, A fight, in which there was a Mexican presence on the field and with goals Javier Hernandez Created the score for the California team.

The Los Angeles team added its third phase to the thread and did it on the field with the Aztecs Hernandez, Jonathan Dose Santos And Ephrine Alvarez Before them were early artists Houston, The most forward-looking painting Fafa Picault.

Cicardo appears

Mexican night with the best score Javier Hernandez, Scored 11 goals this season Los Angeles Galaxy, After finishing the game against him on Wednesday Houston Dynamo.

Cicardo Hernandez Keep your mouth shut along the way M.L.S. He also scored his first goal after returning to the court due to injury due to a draw in a failed fight Galaxy Defines in a better way.

Tappado rose into that area with a cross pass Dejan Jovelji And make the arrival 1-1 Angels.

The Cicardo He has not scored since June 26 when he scored a double San Jose earthquakesLater, he was injured and he returned to action before a game.

Hernandez He already had one in the second half, at 51 he completed the first goal and was stopped by the goalkeeper Dynamo, Michael Nelson. Now the attacker adds 11 goals In the campaign.

The good news is, the Aztecs Galaxy They played and shone. Alvarez Came out half the time, Hernandez The beat ended the fight Jonathan Played for over 70 minutes.

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