The ombudsman says Adon Caesars only asks for fruit and more time with his lawyers

The ombudsman, Pablo Ulova, revealed that he had visited the cell where Maj. Gen. Athan Caesar, who plays a key role in the corruption case, was, and raised the need for him to spend more time with his lawyers. Vitamins for the problem. “

Ullo also said C போலீஸ்ceres was in the same cell as Fleet Guzmn, the police corporate donor involved in the case.

The ombudsman said the new prison model and the warden of the Najayo-Man Correctional and Rehabilitation Center had been granted the right to preside over former prison assistants “for the purpose of improvement.”

But Adon Caesar Sylvester’s defense attorneys responded to the ombudsman’s statements and said that instead of helping, they were harming their client.

In a statement, he called on Ullow not to “protect” his client because he appears to be ignoring several complaints made by prosecutors about violating the offender’s rights.

Attorneys Francisco Alvarez, Christian Martinez and Romer Jimenez said the ombudsman’s statements were harmful to him, instead of helping his client, as he appeared to support those responsible for violating legal proceedings against his client.

They noted that they had observed with great surprise and confusion his public participation and bizarre announcements regarding the recent complaints filed by Adon Caesar Sylvester before the Attorney General’s Office.

They advised the officer to refrain from pursuing any matter relating to Adon Caesar Sylvester, saying, “First, the law prevents him from doing so, and the nature of the motives that guided him cannot be guessed.

“You will notice that our complaints are monopolized and investigated only by the Ministry of Public Works, and the penalties imposed on them, both administrative and criminal, fortunately escape from their speedy work.”

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They stressed that everyone was aware of complaints of “grave violations of their rights to legal protection”.

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