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They opened the doors on the Dominican side at 9:40 this Wednesday morning Border with Haiti at DajabónFor the first day of trading, the Dominican government ordered its closure on Friday, September 15.

Elio Uzetta, of the General Directorate of Immigration there, said he had held meetings with Haitian officials about reopening the border crossing for commercial purposes only, and that they had agreed in principle, but decided this morning. Do not open their doors.

Haiti was asked whether the decision was made by the public or by the mayor of the border community Juan MendezThe Dominican official said he apparently had some influence over whoever made the decision.

This Wednesday at 9:40am they opened the doors on the Dominican side of the border with Haiti.

Dominican authorities announced on Monday, October 9, the partial opening of their borders with Haiti. A canal diverting the Massacre RiverIt separates the two countries along their northern border.

Yesterday Haitians were able to divert part of the river channel to build water intake works in the canal.

Dominican officials said the migrant route Closed indefinitely, as well as issuing visas to Haitian citizens. Another of the measures announced by the National Security Council is to lead to the mechanization of agricultural processes as a first step to reduce dependence on Haitian laborers who are widely used in banana cultivation, tomato harvesting, and rice harvesting.

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