Gustavo Sanchez calls Yeni Bernice and Wilson Camacho “little boys”

Spokesman for Constituency of Representatives of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Gustavo Sanchez, Today the deputy lawyers are called “Boys” New Bernice Y Wilson Camacho.

“Mentioning in an evil way, wanting to be prosecuted in politics is a perversion Ministry of Public Works. I say that because they are so responsive, In any of our situations the boys respond immediately and come out“Said Sanchez.

“Boys, if you do not respond to them, leave what they understand is a political clich, but it’s a clich. Ministry of Public Works It is shielding, “said the legislator.

“The use of political rhetoric does not imply accusation,” Yeni Bernice said in a PLD complaint.

Despite that Gustavo Sanchez The names of the judges were not mentioned New Bernice Y Wilson Camacho, The statement came after they pointed out to politicians that they had not responded.

Gustavo suggested to PRM representatives that they see themselves as “the situation we are in because, unlike the driver, the power is temporary.”


The legislator of the Purple Party warned that this political system would not accelerate the corner.

“They want to accelerate the corner PLD, தி PLD He does not bend himself, no one can bend him around, ”he pointed out.

“The Ministry of Public Works The use of police forces and even Armed Forces Intimidation basically thinks to intimidate a system. We do not intimidate ourselves, we are not ashamed of our responsibilities, we do not leave with false passports, we do not emigrate, we look forward to justice. Since when Ministry of Public Works They want to make political questions and accuse politicians of answering them because they can answer politicians if they are not politicians.

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Gustavo Sanchez Promised that Ministry of Public Works Has become the spokesperson of the ruling party PRM.

“That Ministry of Public Works He becomes the spokesman for the ruling party in the face of the onslaught they think they can do on us. They do it openly because they know that within 40 months they will have people surveyed. And they know who should underestimate their expectations PLD“Said Sanchez.

PLD delegates withdraw from the known session of the Penal Code

“They want to charge third parties on the basis of holding them jointly accountable, rather than forcing them to force the former president to appear in court.”

“We have to abide by the law, no matter what the circumstances.” Danilo Medina Like any Dominican, he responds to any attempt to blame him, “said Tariq al-Hashimi, the party’s secretary general.


He pointed out Ministry of Public Works They seek to fill the Dominican community with “hatred.”

“Hate should not prevail in any of our companies Ministry of Public Works What fills this community with hatred, ”he said. Gustavo Sanchez.

“Legislators act out of fear,” says a deputy of criminal law

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