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President Gustavo Pedro addressed the nation for the first time through all television channels on Wednesday night.

He did so a month after his arrival at the Casa de Narino, at a time when public debate was at the center. Petrol hike And this The Future of PensionsTopics he left out of his speech.

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“Perhaps his advisors advised him to avoid them to avoid escalating the controversy, or he may have decided to emphasize one of his deepest concerns, the regions,” says an analyst consulted by this newspaper.

“This is a government for the people, for everyone, no matter what corner of Colombia they were born in, what their last name is or who they voted for (…). We started touring the country to go where governments have never been,” he said in his six-minute speech, which was recorded in the morning. Palace Plaza de Armas. For this reason, luminescence in the selected situation.

The president wore a burgundy shirt, a baggy gray jacket and no tie. “There seems to be a clear intention to present him as just another Colombian, an ordinary man.”, says the expert.

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What can be read into Peter’s speech?

Answers will vary. “We saw a different environment than what we were used to with this kind of intervention by a head of state,” he says. Daniela Garzón, political scientist and researcher at the Peace and Reconciliation Foundation. “As we have already seen, Pedro is not a man who likes ties and excessive moderation, it was recorded during the day and not in the presidential office,” he argues.

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However, too much informality is thought to have the opposite effect Political analyst Pedro Viveros. “The chroma key for a text like an official photograph of a president is unusual and less formal because the sometimes distorted image of the background makes the message lose, which is important in a text,” he says.

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Consensus is in the summary form of a message that was only six minutes long. “The president’s speech was flawless,” he says Professor Jairo Libreros of the Externado University of Colombia.

“President Gustavo Pedro understood the power of immediacy in creating short, powerful messages that allow the majority to understand the complex from simple dynamics,” he assures. Carlos Arias is a political communications expert. “Developments in context and depth should come later, as addressing and editing text messages for people becomes useful,” he adds.

In the context of the content of what the President has already said, there are different opinions. “This fund is the government’s fulfillment of its campaign promise to establish themes for the development agenda. It is the populist left’s version of the democratic workshops of Europeanism, which was right-wing populism.”, says Viveros.

Professor Libreros believes that “as an expression of citizen participation, the political message of binding regional dialogues strengthens deliberative democracy and provides popular legitimacy. National Development PlanIt became an exclusive exercise, approved by few experts or a steamroller of governments in Congress without adequate citizen debate.

In the same order, the leader Board of Directors of the National Federation of Departments, Hector Olimpo Espinosa“This announcement hopes to categorically recognize that Colombia is the sum of all its regions, and for the first time, the country is no longer thought of as race 13 with 26 in Bogotá (headquarters of the DNP), and all information will be collected in the territory where there are pressing needs.”

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Binding Regional Dialogues: What Are They?

It is the populist left’s version of the democratic workshops of Europeanism, which was right-wing populism.

“It is a realistic and very constructive project that unites about 50 regions of the country, which, without a doubt, will allow a construction. Real national development plan according to real needs“Thinking about the socio-economic and geographical diversity in every corner of the country,” said the governor of Sucre department.

“The announcement of regional dialogues for the construction of the PND is a significant change from how the document was structured in previous governments. Prioritizing 50 regions, many of which have serious problems such as security, poverty, access to public services.Among other difficulties, it is usually a matter of DNP technicians to create these documents”, says Daniela Carson.

According to her, Pedro wants to maintain the idea of ​​an “open door” government, but as a director TNP, Jorge Ivan GonzalezIn order for these conversations to work and not just be conversations, it’s necessary The actors involved understand that it is virtually impossible for all people to see their demands reflected in the national development plan. And at most a document can be expected to try to gather a good portion of them and is in the same direction as the government project presented by Pedro in the campaign.

Gustavo Pedro

But Is it possible to make public policies for the government to leave 50 points in National Geographic with the urgency on the table? “I think it is important that dialogues and dialogues do not become a type of obsession to talk for the sake of talking, but they are limited, and even if citizen participation is taken into account, the government is clear that what is expected is more than announcements. Solutions that clarify the ways to solve the many challenges facing Colombia,” says the political scientist.

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She leaves behind an issue of immense importance. “There is a question about what Pedro understands by social, economic and environmental justice.”


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