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Whenever they play Carlos Algaraz and Janic Sinner, know that the fight scene is sure. And the sixth match between the two is related Miami Open 2023Not an exception.

Carlos Algarz landed two punches in a fight with Janic Sinner in Miami.AP photo

For the semifinals of the North American Masters 1000, first the Italian and then the Spaniard, they won two luxury hoods that welcomed everyone there.

The first, when the match was 4-2 to 0-15, had absolutely everything. From the amazing backhands of both players to all kinds of defenses. Drop, background cam and net were also worn. After nearly a minute of high-intensity marching, Sinner was the one to shout, this is sure to be one of the best of the year.

Then, in the first set, but when the eighth game of the match was played (4-3 and 30-15), Algaras did not want to fall behind and pulled off another memorable game. After a Murcian serve and subsequent rally from the end of the court between the two tennis players, the current world number one played a drop that forced Sinner to play and defend from the net, allowing Carlos to finish with a point. lob A classy backhand

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