Gulf countries end diplomatic confrontation with Chief Football 2022 Qatar – 06.01.2021

The organizers of next year’s World Championships in Qatar have good news earlier this year that comes from an area that has nothing to do with the sport, but it does affect it. A Trump administration official said that Saudi Arabia and three Arab countries have agreed to end the diplomatic conflict with Qatar over the past three years. “We have made progress in the disintegration of the Gulf Cooperation Council,” said the official who released his identity. The latest evolution in the wake of the Washington-mediated Middle East agreements is the involvement of others in the building of a united front against Iran. , Bahrain and Egypt have imposed diplomatic, trade and travel bans on Qatar since mid-2017. The role of the embargo is to undermine its sovereignty. Only Saudi Arabia will reopen land and sea borders with its airspace and Qatar.

Thus, it will be much easier to reach the spectators for the finals, in addition some fans will be able to stay in neighboring Qatar. In 2017, FIFA announced that Qatar was in “normal contact” with the organizing committee of the 2022 World Cup and that it would refrain from commenting directly on the country’s diplomatic situation, but later acknowledged that the issue was a major one, as did Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt. Have severed diplomatic relations with. These states have accused Doha authorities of funding terrorism and extremism, and several US publications have accused Qatar of funding terrorism, despite the country being a member of the international coalition fighting ISIS. This is not the first big issue related to this final. In recent years, all sorts of dissatisfaction with discussions about the 2022 World Cup, from corruption suspicions regarding the nomination process to the relocation of the World Cup between November and December, the final host country on December 18, the national final day, so that matches can be played at acceptable temperatures. In addition, according to the human rights organization Amnesty International, workers at “global” construction sites are forced to live in miserable conditions and have to pay huge recruitment fees. Upon arrival in Qatar, their salaries were reportedly withheld and their passports confiscated. Amnesty International has accused FIFA of not taking action to prevent the 2022 Games from taking place, despite knowing the country’s problems. Amnesty International has called on the big supporters of the 2022 World Cup.

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According to experts, Qatar has spent about $ 200 billion on this final, the largest amount ever invested in a World Cup or Olympics. In fact, the average over the last decade is about 10 billion to 10 billion in terms of investment in a large-scale sports competition.

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