The United States is closing two of its embassies in the Russian region. What is the reason

The United States will close the operations of two embassies in Russian territory in Vladivostok and Ekaterinburg, the State Department announced, Reuters and AFP report.

Foreign Secretary Mike Pompeo, in consultation with Ambassador John Sullivan, said in an email to Reuters that he had decided to close the embassy in Vladivostok, Russia’s Far East, and suspend operations at the Ekaterinburg embassy. Saturday.

Decide to be a part of “Continued Efforts to Ensure the Safe Operation of US Diplomatic Mission in the Russian Federation”, Does not affect Russian embassies in the United States, and did not provide further details, the statement said.

Asked this week about reports in the Russian press about the closure of two embassies, he said the US embassy in Moscow had suspended operations at the Vladivostok embassy and reduced operations in Ekaterinburg in March due to the epidemic.

For its part, CNN quoted a letter from the State Department to Congress on December 10 announcing that the United States would close its consulate in Vladivostok and suspend operations in Ekaterinburg.

The decision was made by CNN, which was acquired by the French Press “Following the cap imposed on US work by Russia in 2017, the current staff of the US service in Russia is likely to respond to problems and, as a result, the stalemate with Russia on the basis of diplomatic visas.”

Ten U.S. ambassadors to the embassy will be transferred to the embassy in Moscow, and 33 local staff will lose their jobs, CNN reported.

So the embassy in Moscow will be the only US diplomatic mission in Russia.

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“No action is planned for Russian embassies in the United States.” According to a letter quoted by CNN.

Russia closed the US consulate in St. Petersburg in March 2018, following similar actions by Washington following the poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skribal in the United Kingdom.

Relations between the United States and Russia have deteriorated, from the conflict in Syria and Ukraine to allegations of Russian involvement in US policy denied by Moscow.

The hackers, who are believed to be working for Russia, have been accused of carrying out massive attacks on US government and private companies. Foreign Secretary Pompeo Friday “Is very clear“Russia has been involved in recent attacks, and the Kremlin has denied any involvement.

Johannes Abraham, managing director of Biden’s alternative group, said the attacks were a factor ‘Great concern’ Under future administration, cyber attacks will retaliate ‘Substantial costs’.

At an annual news conference on Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said he hoped US President-elect Joe Biden would help resolve some of the difficult issues in Moscow-Washington relations.

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