Greissy Ortega condemns beating of Ítalo Villaseca: “I will return to Lima with my three children” | eye view

Milena Zárate’s sister, Greissy Ortega, revealed that her ex-partner Ítalo Villaseca had physically assaulted her and that she could never get over the past.

“He got up and hit me (…) he was a man who had been with me for 9 years and never got over my past,” Chrissy told M.Akali TV Law Firm.

She said she plans to return to Peru after her split from Ítalo Villaseca. “I am asking God to help me get through this. No woman should be assaulted. (…) No matter how many mistakes we have made in the past, for asserting the authority to be a man, especially in the presence of undeserving children, no one can consider or harm us as a woman as useless obstacles or as a woman. To see their mother being attacked.” he wrote on Instagram.

“I will return to Lima in the next few days to gain my emotional stability with my three children and take steps to ensure that my children are not protected in terms of their rights” counted.

“Maybe I like to sound masochistic, but he’s drunk and raised his hand, because he has no conscience, but unfortunately he has his five senses intact. He blames me for my past, he cheated on me, because if he knows what he’s like, why am I with him? Was there, so he would have dignity?Ortega said on his social networks.

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