Graffiti Park space for art, gastronomy and sport: Sylvia González

Carrying out activities such as art, gastronomy and sports fairs is the goal of Graffiti Park, which has just opened in Los Yoses, commented its promoter Sylvia González.

What is the objective of the project?

To be a space for cultural and artistic interaction in Costa Rica.

What does Graffiti Park offer to visitors?

When I acquired the parking lot, I realized that in Los Yoses there was not a large recreational space, where gastronomic competitions could be held, works of art were exhibited and even sporting events were held.

We started with the 1st Graffiti Fair, since we had a wall and we thought about the beauty of capturing works by national artists, the result was speculative, 26 exponents participated.

What’s next on the agenda?

We are working on details, I like to help and empower women, I would love to do an entrepreneur fair.

The idea is also to provide the space, that the parking of fruits during the day to generate the resources to finance the cultural events.

What is the capacity of the park?

They are 1900 square meters, at the moment we have thirty parking spaces enabled but there is room for many more.

Who is in charge of the design?

The project is promoted by Ibo Bonilla, one of the most recognized architects and sculptors in the country, a professional in charge of development and who has artistically influenced the initiative.

In his opinion, this project contributes to the new approach of taking art out of closed spaces and taking it to outdoor meeting points where fresh and oxygenated air can be breathed, which is the first medicine for this and other pandemics.

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Another contribution is to invest in restoring and expanding iconic elements of Los Yoses and Montes de Oca such as walls and gardens that are in contact with passers-by in the area, contributing to urban quality, landscape and tradition.

Who is it

Name Sylvia Gonzalez

Position Owner

Body Graffiti Park

Facebook Graffitiparkcr

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