Arasli finds and welcomes the month of March with a hot photo from the Ambula tank

Arasli Ambula Placeholder Image He did it again, the beautiful actress shared a photo on her social networks where she only covered her sculpted body with foam from a tub in which she was relaxing.

She was very welcoming that month March, Undoubtedly his favorite, because this is the month to meet 46 to Old, as you read it, அராசலி She’s not a young woman anymore, this is next March 6 Blow out the candles on your cake.

Although she is not a young woman 20 to, In addition to the maturity and experience he has accumulated over the years, he enjoys a body that is not jealous of any of these.

This is not the first time

In the last few months Beautiful actress And the singer has surprised his followers on many occasions, where he appears with very minimal costumes Fanatics.

The actress seems to pass on her best aspect both personal and professional அராசலி This is because he is so happy March 03 I will broadcast the series La Dova, The same as played.

Ask for support for Zeppelin

This weekend Brush He was rushed to hospital after trying to avoid a fall, but it had severe effects on his back, which is why he had to have surgery.

Given this, son Brush He asked his friends and followers for help because they did not have much money to pay for their medical expenses due to the epidemic, and only then did the beautiful Araceli Ambula hesitate to support her bit. payasito From TV.

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