Google Maps updated with 5 new functions based on artificial intelligence

Caracas.- Google Maps recently announced a massive update to its navigation tool with five new features powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

These new features include: high-speed display for routes; Google Maps navigation with useful and detailed information about real-world conditions such as nearby accidents or upcoming traffic jams; Important additional information for electric vehicles; as well as recommendations of sites to visit based on users’ interests.

Drowning scene

One of the most impressive new features is the immersive view for routes. This feature allows you to view the route in 3D from street level. This is especially useful for unfamiliar or complex areas where the user may get lost or confused. Before starting a journey, you have access to a realistic and detailed view of your surroundings, where you can easily find landmarks and obscure directions.

Lens on maps

Lens’ Maps feature uses AI to identify and tag objects and locations using the camera view. AI can provide more information about these places and how to get there. The function will provide better answers depending on the user’s interests and location. Using augmented reality, the camera uses AI to overlay information and instructions on the scene.

Navigation with Google Maps

Google Maps Navigation will provide enhanced route guidance and traffic information. Indicates which lane you should drive in order not to miss an exit or a certain turn. Shows in advance what the routes will look like. Likewise, it will inform you about road conditions, accidents and congestion in real-time, taking this advance information into account and planning a route. If there are faster or easier ways to reach a destination, Google Maps will also suggest alternate routes.

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Charging stations for electric vehicles

Google Maps is adding more information about electric vehicle charging stations to its app, which should ease the worries of electric vehicle drivers. It will indicate where the nearest charging stations are, what type of charger is available, how fast it can charge your battery, and when it was last used. It will also indicate whether the station is available or not so that the driver does not waste time.

What to do or where to go?

When users don’t have a clear idea of ​​what action to take, Google Maps helps them find relevant places based on their preferences and needs. This exciting updated feature uses user-submitted photos and reviews to give you a better idea of ​​what to expect with each recommended service. You can filter your search results based on various criteria such as ratings, cuisine or distance.

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