How to Send Personalized Messages from WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp application is one of the most important communication platform because in it you can send messages, videos, photos, stickers, documents and different types of files. And in the web version, it allows you to connect from your computer with the same functions you use from your cell phone.

WhatsApp web users have functions that can only be used from a computer, one of which is sending personalized messages, we tell you how to send cartoon texts from Batman, Mario Brothers or Mickey. Make chats with your friends and family more interesting.

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Personalized text messages from WhatsApp web

One of the advantages of WhatsApp Web is that you can get many tricks without downloading any extensions or additional programs that affect the functionality of your cell phone.

If you want to send personalized messages from WhatsApp web, with these simple steps, you don’t need to download alternative extensions for your app. These are images of animated characters or giant texts that can make your chats more interesting.

Steps to send personalized texts

  • First open the WhatsApp web page from your browser and enter your account and sync your data.
  • Choose the chat you want to send a personalized message to
  • In another tab, go to ORURO777 page and enter from the following link.
  • You will see different characters that you can send in your chats, choose the one that looks the most fun to you.
  • Click on the image you want and it will give you several options, select “Copy”.
  • Then, go to the WhatsApp chat you want to send, left click, a menu will appear, click “Paste”.
  • You can send it like any other text message by clicking Send this way.
  • There are many options to choose from such as cartoon or comic characters, flowers and romantic phrases.
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