Methane Spotted near the Martian Surface| Not its Atmosphere| NASA’s Curiosity Research for Methane

The Astronomy and Astrophysical journals are discussing the new study against methane and the discrepancy is presented between the readings. The methane is also produced by geological sources and also biological sources. It had the same similarities compared to the Martine surface but not its atmosphere. The curiosity could detect the methane at night times without any distraction from the other instruments. The sample analysis of Mars chemistry is giving more information for this research. Methane is also a colorless and odorless gas compared to other gases. Talking about the Martin, the nighttime atmosphere of martin is very calm at the time the methane is creeping down to the surface. The Curiosity’s Tunable laser spectrometer instrument has had the chance to detect methane at night times.

Missing methane magnifies Mars mystery – Physics World

This information is detected by the European space agency. Furthermore, John predicts that the methane can go down during the whole day and this statement is confirmed with the two-time measurements. The principal investigator is given many kinds of information for the research. John is also said that methane is had an effective gas because of its characteristics. The two daytime measurements give multiple measurements for the market. There are many establishments is gained for the average detection level for the TLS detection.

A planetary scientist from the New York University is giving more information for the multiple patterns in the Gale Crater and it also had the discrepancy for the machine measurements. There is much information is gained for the mars with the help of this research. The methane presence is not a definitive sign for the lives and this from the biological or geographical source. The dynamic modeling study indicates that methane will be released the contained the planetary collapsed boundary layer at the night and it also had the better combination for the nocturnal inversion and it also had the convergent downslope which is presented with the flow winds. It is very closer to the inside of the crater close to the released point. Moreover, the NASA curiosity revolver is had the first measurement for the strong signal for the molecule on the 15th June 2013. Some of the experts are also raised the questions against discovery and then the reliability. The Curiosity rover is also confirmed the unexpected discovery presence.

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This research is had more curiosity for the first 21 parts for a billion of methane in the air and it also the three times for the 2013 measurement. Then they are found that the methane is not had the stable for the accumulation in the atmosphere. It also had the destruction mechanism for the current atmosphere.  


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