MLB in Cuba after Yordon Alvarez scores 2

Yordan Alvarez The center continues to climb historic offensive levels Cuban baseball players Inside MLB.

Designated hitter Houston Astros Now 26, he has played five seasons in the majors. But he has already surpassed other Cuban players with more years of hitting experience in many hitting departments. MLB.

Right now Jordan He is 13th in home runs with 129. Additionally, he ranks 26th in RBIs with 380.

Puig A Cuban slugger who appeared to be a step ahead of Jordan on both offensive lines. Without too many complications, the player from Los Dunas should surpass the player from Cienfuegos next season.

clear, Jordan Alvarez has 1,343 fewer home plate appearances than Yasiel Puig has accumulated in MLB.

Although a former outfielder Los Angeles Dodgers He had good attacking campaigns, Jordan It is huge because of wood.

Individual Brands (HR and CI). Puig His major league career includes 28 HR (2017) and 84 IC (2019). When that Jordan Currently there are 37 HR (2022) and 104 IC (2021).

Yordan Alvarez takes an impressive step

A left handed batsman Houston Astros That’s a far cry from the records for home runs and RBIs held by Cubans in MLB. These scores correspond to the famous Rafael Palmeiro (569 HR and 1835 CI).

however, Jordan He has an amazing speed and if injuries do not stop him from playing, he will break many records in the future.

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Yes next year Jordan Alvarez He manages to hit 36 ​​homers, tied for 10th with Yoenis Cespedes. With 91 RBIs he is tied with Zoilo Versalles for 19th among Cubans (MLB).

Until age 26, a Cuban player hit more home runs and drove in more runs. Jordan Inside MLB. Jose Canseco hit 209 homers and drove in 647 runs during that span.

Notably, Canseco hit 1,631 more games than he batted during that span. Yordan Alvarez.

This year Puig He was above the Houston Astros slugger in both hitting departments. But still Jordan Those marks and those of other Cuban players will be far surpassed MLB. It will only be a matter of time.

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