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Google Mapsthat tool that belongs to Google Which helps us find locations all over the world, is launching a new tool with which it aims to help more than one forgetful person.

It is true that in order to travel, sail, fly and in whatever way one transports oneself, we need to know where we are going, a sign, a location, an address, or at least a mark on the map. Of course, this all ended years ago with the arrival of technology.

Although there are many applications made for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops, some are more efficient and popular than others. When we talk about applications with locations and maps, it is impossible not to think about Google Maps, or as many know it, Google Maps.

Google itself describes this particular tool as a virtual tool that helps people reach their destinations by taking the best available route, as well as helping us find locations anywhere in the world.

Google Maps has various tools within this application, among which we can find real-time traffic information, traffic alerts, alternative routes, constructions, diversions, live GPS, and points of interest such as hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, gas stations, etc.

Now, Google Maps has recently added a new tool, among all the above, which has the function of helping forgetful users remember where they parked their car, as well as knowing how long they have been parked, for those people who use temporary parking.

Keep in mind that to activate this very simple Google Maps tool, all you have to do is do the following while still being at the same point where your car is:

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1. Locate your location in the Google Maps app when you arrive at your destination.

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2. Click on the blue dot above your current location.

3. An option will be displayed that says “Save your parking space.” Click on this option.

That's it, just with these steps you can save your car's location and you won't have to worry about remembering where you left it, Google Maps will take care of that for you.

By activating this same tool to save the location of your parked car, a count is automatically activated which will tell you how long your location has been saved, this will help you know how long your car has been parked there and prevent you from missing the location. Estimated time.

In the same way, it is recommended to activate other tools that will help you have a better driving experience, such as activating the location of speed cameras, avoiding roads you have to pay for, sharing your location, among many others.

To configure the Google Maps application to customize it to our needs, all you have to do is use the settings within the application itself.

Without a doubt, this application is very useful for all drivers around the world who need to reach locations that they do not know, and lately, it will be useful for those people who often forget where they park their cars.

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