Looking back to when Star Trek created its own Galaxy Edge

Star Trek: The Experience: Klingon Encounter (Best Edition)

That adventure was a “Klingon Encounter”; Instead of being placed in the simulator immediately, guests are “streamed”. An incredible trick of light and movementMovable wall panels and air jets, and transformed into a complete replica of the bridge The next generations Company-D. Not different from how, say, The edge of the galaxyThe second main trip Increased resistanceThey board a transport ship and trick people into believing they've physically moved within range of a Star Destroyer as they travel, and it's in this scenario that Jonathan Frakes' Will Riker's preemptive messages tell the audience that it's one of them. , in fact, is a direct descendant of Jean-Luc Picard, and the Klingons sought to manipulate time and destroy time. Company Reserve Captain by eliminating his family line.

From there, visitors will move around CompanyOn the corridor, towards a turbolift attacked by Klingon saboteurs, and then towards the vehicle: a “spaceship” simulator featuring Geordie Laforge. , taking them back to their time at home and, in fact, back to Las Vegas, selling the feeling of having traveled through time and space. After a farewell message from Picard, “Klingon Encounter” brings you back to Earth…

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