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UNITED NATIONS – Humanity has just two years left to “save the world” by drastically changing the way it manages heat-trapping emissions, and even less time to act and find funding to support such a major change. , the Executive Secretary warned. United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Simon Steele.

While he admitted that his words may sound “too dramatic”, he promised that action over the next two years was “essential”.

“We still have an opportunity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with a new generation of national climate plans. But we need those concrete plans now,” he said.

“When I say we have two years to save the world, it begs the question: Who has two years to save the world? Answer: Every person on the planet,” he continued.

He added, “More and more people in all communities and across the political spectrum want climate action, often because they feel the effects of the climate crisis in their daily lives and in their household budgets.”

In this context, the official pointed out, “the only sure way to get climate on the cabinet agenda is for a sufficient number of people to raise their voices.”

“So my final message today is for people around the world. “All voices matter,” he concluded.

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