Google is working on updating Google Maps

Many users think so Google Map Although Google has drastically updated the data on the map over the past year, the mobile interface is obsolete because it has a design.

The parent company in Mountain View also seems to be aware of it, so it begins to work on a sophisticated modification to provide users with a modern interface for some key features.

The path selection screen is one of the first sections of Google Maps to get a visual update.

As you can see in the screenshot in the article, this feature has a very modern approach, which consumes less screen space and is compatible with other components of the app, including the search box on the home screen.

The panel at the top of the screen modifies the old-school look, occupying an important part of the user interface, while it is now possible to select travel mode, and a drop-down list is displayed below.

In other words, these options appear now when you need them, otherwise, focus on the actual map, which gives you the information you need in the simplest way. For now, this important update is only available to a small number of users, so it is still believed to be in the early days, and it will take some time for Google to begin beta testing on many devices.

Only Android devices get the new design

There is nothing you can do to try it today because it is powered by a server switch, which Google enables as it constantly updates.

Additionally, not only Android devices get the new design, but for consistency, sooner or later, Google will bring this Google Maps update to all the mobile devices out there.

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We do not have a date for the new display modification to take effect for everyone, but we can expect it to be released later this year as the public testing phase has already begun.

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