“Google Calendar lets you share your location with other users at specific times of the day” | Daily list

Google has introduced a function in its Calendar tool that will allow users to share their location at specific times of the day. A function intended to facilitate hybrid tasks.

This functionality for sharing where you work has been around since August 2021, when the platform started allowing options like adding a weekly work location or updating the location when projects or tasks change. .

Later, Google commented that the feature “will make it easier to schedule in-person collaboration or establish projects in a hybrid workplace,” as read in this update.

The company explained that it has now “made a number of improvements to the workplace process to ensure that people have a better environment for people collaboration, location planning and meeting room management, among other things”.

So you implement Ability to set up workspaces At certain times of the day, users stay close during the day by knowing if their co-workers are present.

Google qualifies that this is a feature that will gradually be integrated into Calendar and that users will have access to Google Workspace Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Fundamentals, Education Standard and Education Plus.

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