Gomez proposes a plan for large apartment complexes in consolidated neighborhoods to reclaim public spaces

Valencia (EP). Vice Mayor of Valencia and PSPV-PSOE candidate for mayor, Sandra GomezOn Tuesday, it showed its intention to promote the plan for large residential complexes in the consolidated neighborhoods of the city, where “there is a lack of coexistence and entertainment areas for its neighbors,” in order to restore public and pedestrian spaces.

Gomez announced this initiative with a member of his candidacy, Maria Perezcandidate of the Socialists of the Department of Mobility, in the neighborhood of La Roqueta.

The President of the PSPV list presented that in addition to the two giant Petxina and Orriols complexes – the first implemented and the second awaiting chapter -, it is his intention for the Council to undertake seven more interventions under its mandate in the neighborhoods of La Roqueta, Pla del Remei, Tres Forques, Amistat, Monteolivete and Ciutat Fallera and Tendetes, PSPV reported in a statement.

These projects also seek to combat the heat island effect and generate healthy environments. “The proposal of the PS is to create new shared spaces because neighborhoods must be places where there is a quality of life to live in, where a community of neighbors is created and where a social and civic fabric is created,” said Sandra Gomez.

The PSPV candidate stated that “for this, it is extremely important to have at least one meeting place.” Gomez noted that the new large apartment complexes by which he intends to return public spaces to residents have been planned in neighborhoods “with a significant lack of this type of endowment.”

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He explained that “the neighborhoods that we have identified for large residential complexes are neighborhoods with a large deficit in green spaces and pedestrian areas, and therefore in meeting spaces.” He added, “When we create a beautiful residential complex or when we normalize a specific area, we achieve a very important effect of mitigating noise and environmental pollution. When we normalize an area, we make the neighborhood breathe.”

Sandra Gómez, who is also the mayor of urban development and regeneration, has applied between May and June to start works on the Orioles giant complex, which will be completed in seven months.

Likewise, he indicated that at the beginning of 2024, a study of procedures will be available in Extramurs and Eixample, which will determine how to structure large residential blocks in these areas to choose the option that has the least impact on traffic, in addition to creating possible alternatives to car parks. This study includes the giant squares of La Roqueta and Pla del Remei.

In the first half of 2024, redevelopment projects will be drawn up for Tres Forques and Tendetes, while in Montolivete, the study requested by the residents of Desidim for the implementation of the giant block will be put up for tender. In Amistat, the study of the superblock is also called for in Decidim, while in Ciutat Fallera the special plan is addressed where large blocks are proposed.

“greener and more attractive”

Gomez showed her “commitment” to run as mayor, if she achieves victory in the 28 million elections, in carrying out these projects “demanded by the neighbors.” It has been considered that these are measures that “will contribute to making Valencia a greener city and more attractive to its neighbors in the face of the intention expressed by PP to reverse the public space restoration work to return to the country’s roads and pollution policy of the past”.

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