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After breaking up with Sebastián Caicedo in July 2022, Carmen Villalobos She managed to find someone new who felt very warm. Frederick Oldenburg Won the host’s heart “Best Chef VIP” They are not afraid to show it on social networks. However, this did not go down well with some of his followers, who left criticism in the comments section.

In mid-January 2023, the Colombian actress made public the Venezuelan heartthrob, who now accompanies her in many of her publications.

On April 8 of the same year, he shared a video of the duo dancing to the beat of “Rush” in its remix version with Dj Luli Torres.

Although the two looked very happy and loving, exchanging kisses and hugs in front of the camera, some users criticized the protagonist saying “there is no heaven without breasts” and we will tell you why.

Carmen Villalobos shares a romantic dinner with Frederic Oldenburg (Photo: Carmen Villalobos / Instagram)

Why is Carmen Villalobos criticized?

In the description of Carmen Villalobos and Frederic Oldenburg’s video, the actress wrote: “Love is in the air (Love is in the air). I convinced Frederick to make this dance video and I loved it. Although he eventually wanted to run”.

While it may seem harmless and not intended to cause controversy, the truth is that to date, the post has more than 800,000 “likes” and 9,000 comments.

What bothered the public so much? Importantly, despite the fact that previously this played against him with Sebastián Caicedo, once again, the translator exposes their relationship in a public way.

Her followers felt that something was wrong with her ex-husband as she did not post photos of them together now. Although she denied the split at first, he eventually proved her right.

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She, always, shows, the only thing she likes is that the shows have to be couples, not all, anyway, have showgirls.“”Now they are very happily married and divorced in a year, why publish everything? Keep your relationship private, clowns.“”Come back and play. Then delete everything” are some devastating reviews.

People supporting Carmen Villalobos

However, as there are “haters”, most of her followers support her and have decided to send messages of support, as you can see that Carmen Villalobos is very happy with her new relationship.

Others commented on the show of support: “Beautiful, you deserve everything”, “Lovely couple, love to see you happy”, “You sure look great with him, congrats”.

In the end, how she handles her relationship is a personal matter, and only she has to choose what’s best for her. In addition, Carmen is generally very open with her followers and enjoys posting new content for them.

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