Goals Shivas Vs Pachuka 3-1; Friendly match Liga MX

Mexico City /

Sivas found goals and achievements Before starting Opening 2021 And said goodbye to the season He defeated Pachuka 3-1 In Chicago Carlos Cisneros Doing a double for a great night Seat Geek Stadium.

Guadalajara came from a goalless draw Tigers And lost 1-0 Underlined, In Texas territory, and for this third fight they went to Windy City, where everything changed, thanks to a sting Saral Cisneros He scored two goals, and was the opening part of the third Rojiblanco dart.

Prior to the match, Cruz fell with Azoulos alongside Los Tuos Solos de Tijuana.

Sacred Heart Jose started the fight with Antonio Rodriguez on target. Miguel Bones, Antonio Prizzo, Luis Olivas and Jesus Sanchez. Sergio Flores, Eduardo Torres, Christian Calderon, Cisneros, Isaac Prisuela and Angel Soldier.

A) Yes, Sivas The attack began and Cisneros sent out two warnings with failed shots In the 23rd minute, the gravel within the area is defined Chicode advanced 1-0 on a ball from behind Calderon’s center.

At 28 ‘, Cisneros set up a counter-attack 2-0 in which he made a self-pass and was defined within that area.

In the same first half, Pacquiao scored when Luis Chavez did it with a free kick. Calderon took another free kick on the 52nd and they blocked him.

It runs 63 ‘, Soldier He made a shot and they sent him to kick in a corner. There was a comb in the play that Cisneros charged, and Cello came on to put 3-1 at 64.

Then came the changes, and the game intensified, and there were no more goals Chicago.

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