Get inspired by the sun’s rays and create a cozy space at home

Among the many benefits of sunlight is its effect on our mood, as exposure to sunlight can increase the secretion of serotonin, which is the hormone that gives a feeling of comfort, relaxation, and contentment and facilitates concentration.

Get inspired by the sun’s rays and create a cozy space at home

Inspired by natural lighting is the proposed trend for transforming cozy spaces in the last month of summer Sodimaca home improvement store in Latin America.

With 260 points of sale in Latin America, being a subsidiary of Falabella groupWith a presence in seven countries with five business units (stores, home improvement, supermarkets, real estate and financial services), Sodimac In Mexico, it is part of the group’s alliance Falabella and Soriana Organization, It has 13 stores in this country and online sales channels through

For this month of September, the trend expert and the help of her paint brand Colorsuggests the perfect color palette for transforming cozy spaces during the last remaining month of summer.

What better way than to capture the biggest star in the galaxy to fill the space with warmth and comfort to share with your loved ones in a rewarding moment of togetherness. This month is characterized by refreshing and bright mornings that can be enhanced in home spaces with good color harmony.

His suggestion of colors such as yellow, creamy white, warm neutrals, soft pink and yellow-green creates corners filled with serenity but also encourages focus to complete any task or work project.

To create a cozy atmosphere in the bedroom that looks like it was inspired by a Wes Anderson movie, choose neutral colors that maintain balance and mix them with shades such as green, yellow and bright yellow. This will give a feeling of spaciousness to any space, no matter how spacious it is. it is small.

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Some other combinations suggested by Sodimac experts are:

+Yellow with a warm neutral: For a cozy kitchen where you want to prepare the best dishes, all you need is a combination of shades that liven up every space. Yellow should be the primary color because it captures sunlight, while the warm neutral color gives it balance so that the site does not lose harmony.

+Green-yellow with creamy white: Perfect for a living room or reading room, this combination with green-yellow on the walls optimizes natural lighting, preventing you from turning on the lights in too early hours. You can combine it with plain white curtains and simple furniture in pink tones.

+Did you know that in addition to serotonin, exposure to sunlight causes skin cells to produce endorphins, which contribute to creating a positive mood, which is ideal for working at home, and ideal for home office days.

+ Soft pink with warm neutrals: The dark color adds depth to the walls of the room, combine it with covers and furniture in warm neutrals for a cozy atmosphere.

In addition to these color suggestions, they mention this color, Own brand of paint Sodimachas an extensive catalog of colors and customization, as well as 10, 15 and even 20 year guarantees.

With the help of experts, customers can get the right color according to their tastes and needs or match any color they want thanks to the technology available to them. The paints promise to be environmentally friendly, and come in a variety of sizes with various finishes (matte, low-gloss, satin, semi-gloss, glossy) to transform any space in the home.

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