FIA seeks to stop Red Bull ‘cheating’ with Checo Perez at races

International Automobile Federation A review of the rules governing the race is underway Formula OneWith the intention of not repeating what happened last weekend Japanese Grand Prix With the Mexican Sergio Perez and its double abandonment.

What happened to Checo Perez?

And what a witness Czech and Red Bull Never seen before. The man from Guadalajara didn’t have a good show Suzuka Round It brought him endless comments and criticism from the specialized press and other pilots.

What did Red Bull do that the FIA ​​didn’t like?

start of the match, Perez His car was damaged when he broke the spoiler after crashing the car Lewis Hamilton, so he was forced to enter the pit-lane. Then he returned and now another conflict Kevin Magnussen That He was forced off the track and served a five-second penalty.

It is almost impossible Red bull will send to Czech Perez On the track, so those five seconds will be reflected in the next race, ie Qatar. in this situation, Red bull It is He simply returned to the track to take a few turns, at which point a five-second penalty was applied.

This caused the situation The FIA ​​studies the regulations carefully and makes appropriate changesSo that it doesn’t happen again.

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