Daddy Yankee picks up his daughter on the Cinchorio bus at the airport – Metro Puerto Rico

Puerto Rican urban layering Daddy Yankee, She welcomed her youngest daughter this weekend. JESSALIS AYALA GONZALEZWith chinchorreo bus at Luis Muñoz Marín airport.

The young makeup artist and influencer said in July that she was taking some time off to work on her mental health; However, he did not specify whether any specific situation occurred to him.

In a video he shared through his social networks, he explained that he was moving to the island and why he made this decision after living in Orlando, Florida for almost six years.

Destination Puerto Rico. If you’re wondering why Puerto Rico, that’s where all my family and all my friends are.. Honestly, after living in Orlando for almost six years, I knew my place was around them. All the time I lived in Orlando, he left me no friends. My family is far away and thanks to God I was able to start my career as an influencer and I was able to create serious content. And that really worked for me, that process of personal and professional growth. “I was able to launch my brand here, but I feel like my time here is up.”said the young woman.

I felt that if I continued to live here I would be wasting years, basically in isolation (…) The cause of my depression is this feeling of loneliness that I have been carrying for about two or three years. It’s not because of anything on networks or spending too much time on networks. I was already playing and it felt like a lot and I felt alone. It was time and we left” he added.

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Two months ago, the youngest daughter of the urban mayor asked her followers on digital platforms for a moment about her mental health.

The influencer told her fans on social networking site Instagram that she is taking some time off from the public eye.

Hi everyone, I’m taking some time off social media to improve my mental health. A big hug to everyone and thanks for always supporting me.The daughter of the city mayor revealed on social networks.

With this text message, he asked for some time and did not mention if any particular situation was happening to him.

Jesselis Mary All around 1.8 million followers She often shares her makeup tips on Instagram and shows the right way to apply products.

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