Amazon will hire 30,000 workers at Christmas

Amazon, the e-commerce giant, recently announced that it will hire 30,000 workers in California. All this with the aim of filling positions in its operations network during the Christmas season.In this sense, it is estimated that approximately 250 thousand employees will be hired in the United States by the end of 2023. Therefore, ideally, these employees cover full-time, part-time and seasonal positions.

For his part, John Felton, Amazon’s Senior Vice President of Global Operations, gave his statements on the matter. The official said there will be space available on Amazon for people looking for a short-term way to earn extra money.

Likewise, it will also be an opportunity for those who are waiting to take the first step towards a fulfilling and rewarding career in the company.

Additionally, Felton added, “The holiday season is always a special time and we are excited to hire an additional 250,000 people this year.”

What will the work be like?

Packing, sorting and shipping products will be the job openings offered by Amazon. By the way, the company Announce it Will offer fair wages and benefits; The flexibility to work will have a wide range of schedules.

next to, Employees working in network operations must “store, pick, pack, sort, and ship customer orders.

Therefore, these roles can be the beginning of a long-term career within or outside the company, said the senior vice president.

In fact, this year Amazon has added several benefits to its hiring process. For example, an emergency savings plan and employee financial assistance are included.

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In addition, Holly Sullivan, Amazon’s vice president of global economic development, expressed satisfaction with the economic opportunities available to millions of people in North America.

Amazon offers “jobs with competitive salaries and great benefits, including free opportunities to improve skills,” Sullivan said.

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