Geraldine Basson can be summoned to testify against Gabriel Choto

A few months ago, Gabriel Choto and Irina Beva Confirmed their claim against defamation and non-monetary damages Laura Poso, So now, on Monday morning, one of the lawyers of those involved met The audience Compromise, in which They did not reach an agreement.

When finished, the Poso lawyer Announced to the media Geraldine Bason Let me quote Testify against Gabriel Choto Well his Testimony That Basic For that matter.

“(Geraldine) May be summoned to this judgment, Its Testimony I think Clarifying Among other things, their content or not only their opinions or conversations, they have actually given themselves in defense of their private lives which they have made public. “Laura Poso’s lawyer explained.

Geraldine summoned by judge, actress I could not help but give my testimony This was confirmed by the Peruvian lawyer, “Any person has a duty (to testify) when summoned to a trial.”

Geraldine Basson may be summoned to testify in support of Laura Bozo:

Similarly, the lawyer commented They did not try to harm Geraldine with this sub pona If it was, it happened,We are going to evaluate it, We want the least, it’s the simplest thing, we want to be the strongest, we do not want to harm or prevent or damage a person’s life outside of this conflict. “, He pointed out.

geraldine bazn gabriel soto laura bozzo irina baeva test

For their part, Gabriel and Irina’s lawyer commented that they were looking for someone Damage repair I will consider several Thousands of dollars Y Not a public apology.

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