“Canello” called Renee so that Jay Paul would not come out with Trera

While the video criticizing Resident J. Paul continues to garner public view, the desire for fans to know many more inside details is being fulfilled as Puerto Rican interviewed himself. .

In a conversation with Mollusk TV On Youtube, Rene Perez He talked for several minutes about his fight with his Colombian colleague, which could be considered the topic of the moment on social media and in many Latin American countries.

It was only then that it became clear that Mexican boxer Saul Alvarez had interceded in the middle of the debate with the aim of calming the waters and preventing everything being said on the internet and in the media from harming anyone.

“Canelo” was nominated for Alvarez J. Paulvin

Several months before the viral song was released, a very upset resident admitted that many on Jay Paul’s behalf had invited him to calm down the water and not to release the aforementioned theme song.

He was one of those who raised the phone to prevent conflict between artists Canelo AlvarezFriend of the Colombian.

According to what Former singer of Kale 13Since he was an avid fan of the game of boxing, he responded immediately considering that many had called him that day, and he ignored them.

Talking to the Mexican, the resident calms down and allows everything to happen, but the future behavior of Paulvin and his family greatly embarrasses the Central American.

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“I do not want to pick up the phone until Canelo Alvarez calls me. I’m a boxing fan and I’m going to train with him the next day. He told me to talk to him (Paul) because he was upset. “Commented.

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