George Shafiq Hondel, Eugenio Chicas and Luis Mario Rodriguez invited to special commissions on bonuses and NGOs

Former Vice President Ana Wilma de Escobar came to the Special Commission to Investigate Bonuses; And Lorena Pena, a former deputy to the NGO. In both cases, the former officials condemned the discriminatory and verbal attacks of the representatives of the new ideas.

This Thursday, August 12, the Legislature’s Special Commission is investigating bonus payments – but only by previous governments.

Rodriguez was summoned on Friday, August 13 at 2 p.m.

The Special Commission to Investigate Money Transferred by the Legislature to NGOs on Thursday summoned former FMLN deputy George Shafiq Hondal and former Supreme Court arbitrator Eugenio Sikas, from his Twitter account Rivas, from New Ideas, who serves as chairman of the commission.

Ana Wilma de Escobar: “I did not receive any money from public funds for the purpose of adding to my salary”

“Today we have announced that Mr. George Shafiq Handel and Mr. Eugenio Chicas will attend the NGO Commission for the Legislative Assembly next Thursday;

In Rodriguez’s case, Congress President Castro explained that they had decided to call him because he was mentioned in Saka’s announcement as one of the former officials who received a $ 11,000 a month bonus during the presidential administration.

“We are not investigating a specific case. Our purpose is to provide an answer to this dark mechanism. To investigate this matter, we need to look at how abuse is inherited from one government to another,” Castro told a news conference.

Jorge Castro, chairman of the Special Commission to Investigate Bonuses, said they had summoned Luis Mario Rodriguez, the former legal secretary to former President Elias Antonio Saka. Photo by EDH / Jonathan Funes

Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections

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Political opposition parties, however, question whether the appearance of former officials is being used as a kind of “political show” by representatives of the ruling party.

Even at the Commission of Inquiry into Funding for NGOs, former Vice President Peena was the target of misconceptions and offensive phrases by many of the new ideas condemning her participation in funding the voluntary charity “Las Malidas” that promotes women’s rights. They say they are a member of the board.

They made her wait for hours to get Pena because she was summoned at two in the afternoon, but her appearance began at seven at night. His trial lasted until the dawn of the next day in a “hostile” environment, during which Pena was insulted.

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Pena was threatened with “contempt” when the former parliamentarian criticized the current government for passing laws without further discussion. By explicitly recognizing the law of bitcoin, among other things.

“Where did the process of making this law go?” Deputy Caleb Navarro from New Ideas asked, to which Pena replied: “Did he ask me where the matter went? The Commission, Alexia Rivas, closed the microphone.” Don’t create metaphors. “

The above were part of the most tense moments this commission experienced on July 16th.

In the case of Escobar’s former vice president, William Soriano, deputy to the Bonus Commission, denounced the fact that he did not dissolve more than $ 1 million in revenue on his estate. It concluded that there was no illegal enrichment in his case.

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Pro-government officials insisted that de Escobar read a document without signatures or stamps in which she allegedly received $ 10,000, which she did not officially deny because it was a self-form of crime. “Read it if you want,” he told Congressman Walter Cotto, but the commission’s chairman finished reading it.

The most important point of the discussion was that Soriano violently threw some documents at the committee table to ARENA deputy Rosa Maria Romero, who said that Soriano was not a participant in the probation department’s statements to those mentioned. Days later, Soriano apologized for his attitude.

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