Robin comes out of the closet as bisexual in the new Batman comedy and the networks applaud


11 ago 2021 17:17 GMT

According to the screenwriter of the story, she appeared in the latest installment of ‘Batman: Urban Legends’, and her “writing goal is always to show how much God loves you.”

The latest installment of the DC comic ‘Batman: Urban Legends’, which was released in the US this Tuesday, revealed that Robin – or, conversely, the person disguised as a superhero, Tim Drake – is bisexual.

Details are revealed in the third part of the ‘Sum of Our Parts’ story, created by screenwriter Megan FitzMartin, cartoonist Bellon Ortega, colorist Alejandro Sanchez and manuscript writer Pat Prosso. At the end of it, Tim’s friend Bernard calls him on a date, to which the superhero replies, “Yes, I think I need it.”

FitzMart confirmed through his Twitter account that he had “reached the goal of writing and always wants to show you how much God loves you.”

“You are incredibly loved and important and viewed. [Estoy] Forever grateful to Tim Drake and his story [me siento] I am proud to have worked with incredibly talented Belen Ortega and Alejandro Sanchez, ”the author wrote.

Meanwhile, the third character, who plays Batman’s assistant, took to social networking sites to express their delight at being a member of the LGBTQ community.

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“It’s very encouraging that Tim Drake is finally coming out, DC didn’t want a‘ choir ’Robin, but it finally happened after years of writing and fan campaigns,” one user said.

Artist Bellon Ortega responded to the wave of comments and thanked everyone for their support.

In addition to Tim Drake, other superhero comic characters such as Kate Kane / Batwoman (lesbian), Robert Drake / Iceman (gay), Loki (gender) or Jean-Paul Pupier / Northstar (gay) belong to the LGBT community.

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